Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blessings of Caffection

My friends are my estate.
Emily Dickinson

It’s our dream to one day have Caffection.com truly be YOUR website. Each day after returning home from our “paying” jobs, we blog and tweak the site a tad. At times we wonder if a website to affirm married best friends is even needed? And then; there are days we just know. JUSTKNOWIT. Thank you, MJ in Chicago, for sharing your story.
"I live about a 7 minute drive from work. We work from 0700-1730. My partner drops me off in the morning, then I walk the two miles home at night. I love the walk home because it gives me a chance to unwind. I thought I would not be able to walk home in dead of winter, but I've found that's my favorite time to walk home. Maybe being bundled up in my own safe, warm world and walking through the middle of cold snow and ice let's me
know how fortunate I am and lets me know how much I've been given, allowing me to be thankful for everything that I have, is what helps me get back to my center after working all day. Whatever the reason - I still get to come home to my best friend and the love of my life.
Although it's described in so many cultures, I think my favorite is the "Yin and Yang" of the eastern culture. It is, what I feel, the realization and understanding that everything that each of us is,
individually, acc
ents everything that the other is, individually, which makes us more than what either of us could be on our own; and yet we have always been that which we become. That is the understanding that has let us release any anger that may arise from not having the world recognize our rights, because whether the world recognizes our rights or not, it doesn't change who we are, what we have and how we see ourselves. Anyone who sees their relationship in this way, such as the two of you, recognizes the importance of creating equal rights for ALL. It is the recognition of ALL THAT IS within ALL OF US . . . the understanding that there is no separation between us, only the perceived separation."
M & D, your love is a beautiful thing.

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