Monday, December 1, 2008

Note to Self

We all scribble notes to ourselves about what to do, what to buy at Whole Foods, anniversaries, birthdays, special remembrances, and dates with our best friend. Then we often forget the note! Have you ever gotten to the front door of the grocery and realized that the list is...home on the counter?
A while back we learned of a way to make our daily chores a bit more efficient using what's called the OHIO principal. Only Handle It Once. When a bill arrives--open it, write a check, remail it. Done. When you go to the store--buy whatever you think you'll need in the largest quantity available, and be done. When a nasty chore awaits you in the morning--do it first. Done. Brian Tracy calls this kind of efficient rendering of our time 'eating the frog'. We waste a lot of time trying to save time; waste a lot of energy saving energy. Note to self--I forget.

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