Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quality Caffection Affiliations

We're long-time advocates for strong, vibrant marriages*. Our goal is to provide affirmation and resources for happily "Caffected" couples. In our vision, we see CAFFECTION! as THE brand people immediately associate with 'Married Friendship'. Couples buying gifts for each other, friends purchasing wedding presents or relatives finding that perfect something for the anniversary of a loved one at www.caffection.com. CAFFECTION! is THE place to go when exclusive gifts, received with excitement and anticipation, are required.
Can you imagine opening a box from CAFFECTION! Married To My Best Friend...? We can. And we do, every single day.
Why are we so passionate about this 'venture'? Because it's time. Marriage is a fantastic thing when you're married to the one you're passionate about. We've been married for 104 months and we're still crazy about each other! We make it fun, passionate and sexy. This is out there for you too. Whether you've been married for 1 month or 360 months you can create excitement in your marriage by claiming the elite status of being Married Best Friends!

*Marriage: civil union of two people.

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