Friday, August 29, 2008

Active Marriage, Great relationship

Creating fun in your relationship brings up your energy level.  One way is to exercise.  Many couples find a mutually enjoyable activity and do it two or three times a week -- together.
We like to just walk around the neighborhood.  As we saunter along, we try to determine which of the various neighbors are caffected, and which are not.  Sometimes it's easy to tell.  There's a couple a few houses away who walk by our place almost daily.  Even though they're from a culture that isn't known for open displays of affection, these two really like each others' company.  It shows in the way they bump into each other accidentally on purpose, laugh easily, defer to the other crossing the street etc.  Their walk is more than exercise; it's a way to raise the energy level of their connection.  They're clearly caffected, even though we know they wouldn't have a clue what the word meant.  
But they will.  We predict that caffection will very soon be a household word in every neighborhood, as people walk around guessing which of their neighbors have it.  Hopefully all of them will.  

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