Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CAFFECTION in The White House

President Barack & First Lady Michelle Obama and the Caffection in The White House story begins today. Though there may have been Caffected couples in the White House before--Abigail & John Adams, Edith & Woodrow Wilson, Bess & Harry Truman, there was no specific term to describe what they had together. Now there is; Caffection! Married to My Best Friend. Look at the picture of Michelle & Barack Obama. Can there be any doubt that these two are hopelessly smitten with each other? That's Caffection. Barack referred to their Caffected status in his victory speech in Grant Park on November 4th when he gave Michelle credit as 'the rock of our family, my best friend for the past sixteen years, the love of my life..." They simply adore each other, and this is the way Marriage ought to look. This is exactly why we say to everyone who will listen, "Everyone should have a love like this."

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