Monday, January 19, 2009


Dr. Martin Luther King jr. had a dream: "That some day this great nation will rise up and fulfill the true meaning of its creed." Dr. King left us 41 years ago today; but he didn't leave us with a vague, unfocused idea of what his dream was. He left us with a powerful, and powerfully simple vision of what could be. And, like all great visionaries, Dr. King's message was not only very simple, it was a message that was already in our consciousness, and in the very fabric of our 'great nation's creed'. That all men are created equal. There's no simpler word in the English language than 'all'. It leaves no room for ambiguity, no latitude for exception. It means exactly what it says, a refreshing thing in an otherwise gray, nuanced world. All means everyone--EVERYONE. Let's strive today to make Dr. King's dream, his simple vision become reality for the ALL that it's intended for.

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