Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best Friends for Years


Today a man, who celebrated his 30th anniversary last year, asked "What is Caffection?" After telling him our vision for celebrating great unions, he smiled, nodded & replied, "It can't always be fun or great. What about when there's issues with money, kids or work, and sorrows like death."
So, what about the tough stuff. It's out there, and though we have a great relationship with lots of fun & adventures, we have challenges too. How do we deal with them within our relationship, how do you?
Many years ago I recall hearing Richard Carlson discuss the book he wrote, "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, and it's all small stuff." He said he'd been contacted by many people who wanted to know... what about the BIG stuff? He went on to write something addressing just that. There is BIG stuff in everyone's life.
While placing links within the content of the blog, as we commonly do, I Googled the author of the book. I was shocked to learn of his unexpected death, December 13, 2006. The significance of this finding in conjunction with today's topic leaves me feeling a bit unsettled, as well as humbled to the timely comment of the gentleman married 30 years.
Please check out the website Kristine & Richard Carlson's.

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Tim said...

Yes, there is BIG stuff--everything the man you met mentioned and more. But I think learning to handle the small stuff, the day-to-day impositions, is essential preparation for surviving major crises. Getting through the small stuff teaches us how to communicate and forgive and sacrifice what we want to ensure the other's security and happiness. Couples that can survive getting lost in a strange city together without resorting to blame and flare-ups, for example, are far more likely to find their way intact through strange passages of life and hard times.