Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Healthy Vibrant Marriages

There's No Place Like Home. Home, a word that means safety, security, warmth. For us, when we hear the word home, we think of each other. Marriage = Home. Many of you can relate to that. What does this "home" look like? Positive people bringing out the best in each other. Two committed adults who are kind, sensitive and considerate of each others' needs. Folks who know they're married to their best friend. The one who will be there through thick & thin, sickness & sorrow, to share health & happiness with. It's very cool and it's forever.
We, just as many of you, have the most wonderful "home." However, this is the 2nd "home" (marriage) for each of us. This is a home we would literally die for and if anyone tried to take it away, we'd fight tooth & nail. It would seem absurd for the government to declare our current marriage void because of any religious viewpoint. What would a "Don't Divorce Us!" video with all the heterosexual, second-time-around straight marriages look like? What biblical verse forbids divorce/remarriage? Or perhaps the real question is, what constitutional law allows it?
This doesn't look like the land of the free, Toto. Be brave Dorothy, we'll help you get there.
There's No Place Like HOME.

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