Saturday, March 28, 2009

It Does Keep Getting Better!

"The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets." Abraham-Hicks
Yes, it does keep getting better. As we approach our 108th month (9 years!) anniversary, we're excited to announce: the honeymoon isn't over! Being married to your best friend truly is fantastic. We believe any and all people in vibrant, healthy relationships who choose to make this commitment, should not only be allowed, but encouraged, to join up. Everyone should celebrate Caffection!


JW said...

That's awesome! Here's to nineteen more great years together. May it be ever new.

Kaia said...

Congratulations!! Absolutely wonderful. My parents are nearing their 47th wedding anniversary and couldn't be happier or more in love. They too are best friends. It's such a lovely testament when you see people who truly love each other still happy after so many years. Wishing you and yours many more years of love and happiness. xx K