Thursday, April 9, 2009


Health & wellness are the most critical part of a happy, gratifying life. From a few health challenges three years ago, we know that to be true. A health crisis tends to focus our attention on important things like nothing else. And nothing else helps us stay healthy and well, and to get healthy when we're ill like a great relationship. Among many other things too numerous to mention, marriage equality is important for this as well. It's no stretch to see happy couples, free of the uncertainty and stress of discrimination, as a factor in the current conversation about rising health care costs. President Obama has made reform in this area a key issue in his administration. For this and many reasons, marriage equality is an even higher priority than ever. Study after study confirm that happy couples are healthier, live longer happier lives, and are there to take care of each other in a loving, communal way. Everyone deserves this kind of certainty. Society needs to promote it as well, to protect all of us from the vagaries of ill health, and an already overburdened health care system.

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