Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't read this...


...unless you feel as we do that too often people ignore the shabby treatment and dismissive attitude toward others who happen to be different. We have this conversation a lot, and there never seems to be an answer: why do we feel it's necessary to get involved in certain issues, when it would be far easier to go to work, come home, eat dinner, punch the remote for our only exercise of the day, and go to bed--then do it all again the next day? Why can't we do that? Is it vanity on our part, the need to be in front of the crowd, visible, be 'in attendance'? Or is it because we sense how much we've been given, and since we took the lesson learned at our mothers' knee to heart, to give back in equal measure?
So don't read this...unless you learned that lesson, too. Here's one reason we persist in light of all the obstacles toward a day when marriage equality is reality: we're all different, and different is good. And marriage is a celebration of all that and more.

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