Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Definition


Once in a while a new word, phrase or definition comes along. Then, after hanging around for a while in the doldrums, it begins to get a bit of buzz, and then reaches the tipping point, spilling into the popular domain. At that point the word becomes almost a fad item: People work it into every conversation they can, just to show how alert they are to ever changing social trends. 'Tipping point' is just such a phrase. ' Google' is another. 'Empowerment' is the buzzword for what used to be called individuality.
So along comes 'Caffection'. At this non-tippy point, Caffection is in the doldrums, still waiting in line to find its way into the lexicon. As I write this, people still have trouble wrapping their tongue around the word--Caff--fection, they say, or Caffac...Caffavect...Cafelect...No wait. We predict that at some time in the near future Caffection (Affection with a C in front) will become a buzzword, the latest fad word that glides off everyone's lips like champagne bubbles, only easier.
And what will they mean when they work Caffection into a conversation? They'll be referring to a new definition of committed, stable, secure, happy marriage--marriage to one's best friend. They'll say Caffection is the only way to live. And they'll be right.
Got Caffection?

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