Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Creating Summer Fun

We've heard many people are doing "Staycations" in place of vacations this year. And we're proof positive a staycation can be done with a smile and good humor. One thing we like to do is create our own fun. We go to local events, such as Red, White & Boom, we make up new wordles, we found "Caffection" listed as a Squeasel word. Once we found out about squeasel words we asked them to add a word Lynne Bowman of Equality Ohio created -- Banniversary -- (and the folks at Squeasel did it!) We've gone out to eat with several friends and still have more events to attend. We've heard the new ballpark is a great venue, so we'll be taking in a game soon. We also have a little chiminea out back & with the cooler temps, we've been able to sneak out there at night, make a fire & watch the fireflys.
So tell us your staycation ideas!

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