Friday, June 20, 2008

Couples Forever

We're all looking for that one, true, easy relationship that just fits. Easy, because the rest of life is too hard these days. We want easy in love, because a caffected relationship is a refuge, and a protective moat around us that keeps out the raucous world. We want easy because, in spite of all the admonitions about marriage being a chore, a task, a burden, we don't buy that. If we're in a caffected relationship it may take a bit of tweaking now and again, and we do on occasion disagree on some things, but the focus of our attention is on our mate, and we easily regain that focus and put things in perspective.
We all have the urge to couple up with someone. Whether for simple companionship, safety, protection, sex, or just help carrying groceries and doing laundry, we're attracted to the idea of mating. And caffection energizes that union. So get caffected--forever.
Congrats go to our friend 'L' and his intended. All the best.

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