Friday, June 20, 2008

Building Rituals

ritual |ˈri ch oōəl|a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone (in your case, your best friend) Do you routinely celebrate monthly anniversaries, have your own language, know secrets about each other no one else knows, have a favorite vacation spot or restaurant? These are all part of the rituals we create. If you have them but haven't thought of them as unique, today's the day to begin. One of the best ways to infuse your relationship with new life is to pay attention to small details. If you'd like your mate to become more affectionate, teach them! Live by example, start with small things. Put a romantic note in their briefcase or in a sock, journal across the sheets*, mail them a card or put a S.H.M.I.L.Y.* on the mirror. Be patient, there's a learning curve here and remember what we focus on expands.
*stay tuned this weekend for details.

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