Saturday, June 21, 2008

Journal across the sheets

One ritual we have that gives us a way to cement our relationship and aid our communication is a simple journal. We call it 'journaling across the sheets' and it can be downloaded from this link on the website. As the name implies, we keep a notebook on the nightstand, and take turns every night writing to each other. We're not obsessive about it; if we skip a day or two, no big deal. But we find it enjoyable, and a great way to share things that happen during the day, issues we need to work out for ourselves through writing them down first, and a terrific way to go back much later and see what was happening when certain decisions were made, or detours taken. In our eight years together we've likely filled over three thousand pages. It's not War and Peace. More like Run Spot Run, but it works for us.

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