Tuesday, July 29, 2008

100 months!

Okay, so we're a little over the top celebrating anniversaries by month, but it just seems right somehow.  We hear time and again that a successful marriage--a caffected marriage--requires work, and attention, and communication etc.  But the reality is, a great marriage can be pretty self-sustaining if you do with it what you'd do with any highly-valuable asset.  You'd establish a system, a working, repeatable, measurable system that runs itself.  Doing this early in a relationship can create an atmosphere of continuity, and save a lot of wear and tear.  So how to do this?  Set up rituals, caffection habits, that take a few seconds or minutes to do but that deliver huge rewards with your mate.  One of ours is this: when we're out somewhere we can't just say "I love you", one of us will inscribe with fingers on the others' hand or arm the 'I', then a heart figure, then 'U'.  Sure, it's a silly gesture; but it says even more than the oral equivalent, and it works in all kinds of places.  Invent your own, or use ours.  There's nothing silly about being caffected.
Today in History: President Eisenhower signed legislation creating NASA 1958.
Famous Birthday: UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold  1905.  

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Bob said...

On Sunday Bobbie and I will have been married 348 months - which means we'll hit 350 on October 3rd. Woo-Woo! To celebrate we will repeat our honeymoon trip to the Columbus Zoo - long story that...

Anyway, we have little rituals like hugs and kisses and general signs of affection through the day - plus occasional emails and calls when apart.

Thanks for the insights - keep up the great work!