Thursday, July 24, 2008


A caffected marriage is as sexy as you-know-where. Two people passionately in love with each other, devoted, committed, caffected, is the sexiest image in art, literature, song or reality. Sexy, caffected love has defined civilizations, changed cultures, produced masterpieces, and launched a thousand ships. And the center staple of all that passion has been sex, and the intimacy that goes hand in glove (so to speak) with it.
Since mankind made the connection between sex and babies it's been humanity's driving ambition to separate the two so the one could be more thoroughly enjoyed. Not that we don't enjoy babies, God love 'em, but we need our own grownup version of suckling, cooing and crying in the night, too. Indeed, an argument can be made that the Creator made sex beneficial to our psyche and comfort so we'd put our minds to finding a way to enjoy it without its reproductive baggage. Sex is powerful comfort in a relationship. More so in a caffected marriage where each member has the others' complete and utter benefit in mind. Sex is simply the cement that bonds us like nothing else. And it's fun, too!
Today in History: Tennessee 1st Confederate State readmitted to the Union 1866.
Famous birthday: Amelia Earhart (Putnam) born in Atchison Kansas 1897.

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