Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend Advice

The perfect weekend is sunshine, blue skies, warm temperatures, cold beer, and the lawn mower is broken so the grass may have to be baled.  
So it is with a caffected relationship; sunny skies, warmth, intoxicating interaction with your spouse, and no possibility of the noisy, clattering distraction of responsibility.  Oscar Wilde once said that the best way to avoid temptation is to give in to it.  So kick back, smile often, hug each other till the kids get creeped out and leave you alone.  That's the idea after all, to make them so uncomfortable that they seek a nest of their own with sunny skies, warmth, and the intoxication of falling in love with their own best friend and bale out of the nest.  
It occurs to me that since we're gone most of the work week, most family interaction happens on weekends, so have a good one, and forget about the broken mower.  Short grass is overrated.
Today in history: Babe Ruth made his major league debut with the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher--1914. 
Famous Birthday: Actor Tab Hunter--1931

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