Saturday, July 12, 2008

EXCLUSIVE Romantic Getaways

Google 'Romantic Getaways' and you'll be treated to 1,660,000 results.  Great selection, but let's narrow it down some.  Search: 'Exclusive Romantic Getaways for Married Best Friends' --- presto #1, #2 & #3 results were "CAFFECTION! Married To My Best Friend."  Very Cool!  A big thanks to you, our readers, who want more information, more ideas, and more affirmation for the great relationships you've already devoted your life to.  Let's move forward and talk about ways to bring it up a notch.  Just as successful business gurus teach ways to improve a business by learning from other successful businesses, we're confident successful marriages have much to offer each other.  Imagine how gratifying it could be to know you & your mate will enrich another caffected couple's life just by sharing a ritual or two that they incorporate into their relationship.  We know from experience how exciting it is to make that kind of a difference, and doing it just by being who you are is fun.  We've found that when you bring two or more caffected couples together the room is electric with energy from the positive attitudes.  We look forward to having you experience this excitement, too.  Soon we'll be passing on details of upcoming events and opportunities to meet and share in the joy that Caffection brings.  So, if you have recommendations for event locations be sure to email us your ideas: or
Today in History: The Etch-A-Sketch went on sale 1960.
Famous Birthday: R. Buckminster Fuller 1895

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Elena said...

The next April I marry the man of my life, and every day I spent at his side has the happiest of my life