Thursday, July 10, 2008

Celebrate your union

We're looking for ways couples celebrate their anniversaries, shared red-letter dates, special occasions etc.  If you have a unique, or quirky, or particularly romantic ritual you observe for one of your special days we'd love to hear about it.  One way we mark days to remember in our relationship is to simply plan and do nothing else unless it's absolutely necessary--as in there's bleeding or a loss of consciousness involved, or possibly loss of employment!  Otherwise we set aside a full day, if we can, to just hang together.  We've said it before in the blog, but it's still true, we'd rather go to Target together than to Paris with someone else.  
Let us hear your caffection rituals, routine remembrances and any other rites you want to share.  Initials and location are just fine, and we'll post the best ones--or all of them if we have room.  Here's your chance at fifteen minutes of fame, and to celebrate your union at the same time.  Thanks in advance for your interest.  Thanks, too, go to Stuart who's been 'caffected now for 30 years'!  His rituals include seeking out a new place for breakfast. "best meal of the day".  Hello to your BF, Stuart, and thanks!   ( or
Today in History: the Battle of Britain began in 1940.
Famous birthday: Author Saul Bellow in 1914  

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