Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What we do

It has come to our attention that our mission, our BIG WHY is somewhat ambiguous, that our goal is undefined.  Since everyone has a big WHY, whether they realize it or not, a life story that propels them forward forcing them out of bed each morning, we'll attempt to clarify ours. It's somewhat easier when the BIG WHY is shared between two people who are crazy about each other, which brings us to the first point.
And here it is: we believe in marriage.  As it says in our attached statement, we believe that those who choose to be married should be married to their best friend.  There's no more gentle, fulfilling life than to share a marriage with the one person you love so deeply you cannot imagine being without them.  Our mission is this simple: Marriage is good; everyone should be married to their best friend.  
We are not pro-gay, pro-straight, pro-Irish, or pro-bono.  We are pro-marriage, passionately, and period.  But to clarify further, for this very reason we believe that to deny this blissful state to those who happen to be of the same gender is not only misguided and discriminatory, it is un-Christian, and simply wrong.  Further, we believe it is, at all events, none of our business what two people in love with each other decide between themselves.  This is not a religious, moral, or ethical case; this is a legal case, in a country whose very foundation is cemented in law, not religion.  This separation is what sets us apart from theocratic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq.  
So our BIG WHY is to celebrate marriage.  Period.  Whoever is married to their best friend has our congratulations, and our gratitude for accentuating the elite status of a stable, happy 'caffected' marriage.   

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