Sunday, July 13, 2008

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The more responses we receive on this blog the more we understand the initial wisdom of why we started this: it's not about us; it's for everyone who feels as we do about marriage & caffection, and wants to share whatever they choose about it.  It's been truly gratifying (and exciting) to discover that our idea has legs, and that there are so many caffected couples out there.  It's not just a local thing, either.  We've had responses from Canada, Spain, U.K., all across the U.S., Brazil, Hawaii, and on and on.  And one of the most interesting and gratifying revelations in this is that our readers are using the term 'Caffection', which four months ago didn't exist as a word in English, or any other language.  But it does now, and couples read it, 'get it', and use it!  
So thanks to every one of you who have read what we offer.  Please pass it along to any other caffected couples you know.  It's obvious that there are many, many of us.  The website will be open soon--hopefully by mid August--and from what our webmaster has let us see thus far we're in for a real treat.  But it's not what we first imagined; it's much, much more, and as we should have realized it's not even ours.  It belongs to you, and every caffected couple who wants to celebrate their relationship.
So Mahalo, Gracias, Danke shoen, Thank you.  Visit any time.
Today in History: New York City hit by a blackout in 1977
Famous birthday: Actor Harrison Ford 1942.   

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