Friday, August 29, 2008


It's pretty amazing what blogging stirs up.  We have a Google ranking that's in the stratosphere based on the made-up name caffection, and some of the connections that tag along with the ranking seem to come out of nowhere.  Today Mr. Google lists a connection we have with Dustin Hoffman!  I'm quite sure Mr. Hoffman, Little Big Man that he is has Graduated beyond blogging with us, and likely doesn't give a Tootsie whether we mention him or not, but his name did come up.  This is a little like the caffected community we know is out there dropping hints, raising awareness of just how satisfying it is to be married to someone you are truly best friends with.  It's worth stirring things up to see what might happen.  
Anyone else who has a funny Google tale and connection--regardless of how many degrees of separation--with someone famous, we'd love to hear about it.  
For Captain Mary, let us know how you're doing after Fay swept through.  You okay?

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