Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Loyal fans

It's an incredibly exciting feeling to see that we're starting to get a following!  According to the tracking we're doing, there are a number of people who check up on Caffection regularly, some even daily.  This is very gratifying, and we are humbly thankful for the interaction.  When we started the Caffection blog in March our intention was to use it solely for an introduction, a practice venue for the coming attraction--the real, honest to goodness Caffection Website.  In the meantime the blog has become a daily ritual that we thoroughly enjoy doing, and will continue, making it part of the Site.  
So keep reading, thanks for taking the time from busy days, and as always, we're looking for comments and suggestions, stories, helpful hints, and referrals to friends and family who want to join in. Based on the feedback we're getting, Caffection is going to be a household word soon, so congratulations on your foresight!

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