Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caffectionate Sex

Recently, as many of you know, we posted "pro-marriage" videos on YouTube. We emailed an announcement to some family and friends and were met with ...SILENCE. Isn't it funny how loud silence can be? We also heard from 2 brothers, one each, who requested to be removed from any further caffection messages due to the pro-gay content.
Okay, we have a confession to make here and now, Mariah and Byron aren't gay. We know a lot of gay, straight, and lesbian couples who are happily caffected who've enriched our lives and brought us a greater understanding of what real marriage looks like. And the people we choose to spend time with are like minded folks who understand being "Pro" anything means you are in favor of it.
Insights gained from the last 48 hours: what are the benefits of being in a caffected relationship? While too numerous to list here, one of the biggest, and one we've been bashful about addressing is SEX! Yikes, two confessions in one blog: They're not gay and they have sex. It's amazing. Two people who love being together in a healthy, happy, deeply committed relationship. Two people who work, pay taxes, donate to charities, enjoy helping others and are all around positive people.
We'd love for you to break the silence. Does the world need a real "Pro-Marriage" website for gay, lesbian and straight couples who love being married? Tell us what you think, byron@caffection.com/mariah@caffection.com or post a comment on the blog.

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Bob said...

I must apologize for my silence.

Things have been busy and I just now took a break from various and sundry to read this post and watch the videos.

I am appalled

that anyone would object to them! They represent love in a myriad of forms tastefully and with much respect for all people. I thank you both for posting them and for your frank assessment of love and life today. I, too, am caffected and I'm proud to admit it. I am not gay but I fully support people who are and choose to share their lives with an other and become one. To much divides us in life - we need more inclusion - one reason why I have left organizations that are not tolerant or are exclusive to the point of being hurtful.

I applaud your stance and appreciate all you do.

Bob (aka the Bob in BobNBobbie)