Monday, August 25, 2008


Our webmaster (mistress?) has released the Caffection website to us in phantom form so we can tweak, edit, peruse and critique it.  The site is a beautiful piece of cyber-art, and will be a fine resource for a lot of people, we hope.  
A bit of history is in order.  We began this journey more than two years ago, just before leaving Kauai.  We've always felt a strong inclination to share what we have in our marriage, and the island reinforced that belief.  If you've not been to Hawaii, let us assure you that the stories of powerful spiritual echoes, and vibrant feelings of what the locals call 'mana' are a palpable force out there in the middle of the Pacific.  Leaving Kauai was difficult, even for the good reason we did--to see Dad through his terminal months.  After Dad's passing we turned our energies--our mana--to sharing what we have, a marriage of caffection, and looking for ways to help others who have this to celebrate what they have.  And it's finally come together.  The site will be live by mid-September with many resources, ideas, interactive portals, caffection-branded items, gifts, and much more.  We've found our voice, and hopefully we'll be a benefit to many other couples. We're making progress. 

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