Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keep Love Alive. Bond With Your Lover

Create caffection?  An interesting thought for sure.  We've been asked,  how do you build stronger bonds after years of marriage? Perhaps you're empty-nesters or feel the original spark beginning to wane. That's a normal part of life, and exactly why it's so important to stoke the fire of marriage and keep the flame burning brightly. In our hectic lives, it's key to tune into your mate.  Listen closely for things said, as well as those that aren't.  When we shared the SHMILY story previously, we didn't tell the entire story.   The shmily note is in the picture, but it's the door handle that's the rest of the story.  This is the door to my office (Mariah).  I'm notorious for having my hands too full to turn a doorknob.  Arms overloaded, I chuckled and said to my grinning husband while he opened the door for me, "I need a personal doorman."   The picture above reveals one way strong bonds are built.  When I saw my new doorman (a.k.a. handle) and the shmily note, his love for me was obvious.  Byron provided an unsolicited physical manifestation of my desire.  This act was done out of love for me.  He saw my need and met it before I even thought of it, or did it myself.  The love this random act of kindness produced and the bonding it created, yes both emotional and physical, added joy to both of our lives.  In marriage it's key to remember: love is a fire that will go out when unattended.

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