Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's said that everyone has a book in them. We should all take the time to write 100 words a day,only half a page, about something--or nothing--and guess what? Even with editing, compiling, rewrites and 'killing your darlings', after a year you'll have at least 30,000 words--nearly the size of the average memoir. Why do this? If it never sees the light of day--and Lord knows most shouldn't--your life story thus far is of interest to your spouse & family. Dad's been gone almost two years now, and we wish we'd followed through with our stated desire that he write down where he'd been, what he did, who he met, what his dreams had been and how he felt about dying--and living. It's not vanity or bravado; it's important that everyone share their story.
Start today. In fact, write or e-mail with your first installment and we'll be happy to encourage the beginning of the next Huck Finn, or Great Gatsby--both memoirs of a sort.
Ours will be forthcoming.

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