Friday, August 15, 2008

Rich Rewards of Caffection with Your Best Friend

The journey of life sends us down, or up, many paths.  Narrow, winding, uphill, straight, downhill, and everything in-between.  Once in a while we’re led to a cliff, it’s here we make our life decisions.  Though we’ve all experienced them, until we’re aware that we’re in total control of our decisions, we fail to take full advantage of our own life direction.  The decision cliff can be a positive or negative experience.  Often when you’re at the decision cliff, your life is filled with a sense of excitement, mixed with anxiety and apprehension.  We believe you’re reading this because your path has led you here.  At this time in your life, you’ve reached a decision cliff, causing you to stretch and grow into a new and better you.  

Your best friend is always available to you when you're in a caffected relationship. Take advantage of the insights they offer, together you'll build a great life that provides the rich rewards of caffection.

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