Monday, August 18, 2008

Things That Matter

Weekly book review day, and today we have a very important edition that, caffected or not, couples, singles, anyone interested in anyone else should read.  The Four Things That Matter Most, by Ira Byock M.D. is an excellent read no matter what, but if what matters to you and those around you is important, then this book is, too.  Here are the four things: Please forgive me; I forgive you; Thank you; I love you.  Think about it, is there anything else important we need to know about getting along with other people, and showing them we care, we share, we hear and we love?  No, there isn't, and we would all do well to remember those four simple phrases as we go through our day.  Acknowledge our humanity; recognize shared frailty; exercise simple gratitude, and say how you really feel about whoever it is you encounter.  This is not easy sometimes, as first impulses often reveal a side of ourselves we'd rather not see. But these four fragments can assist us in rising above the petty, self-righteous reactions we sometimes dredge up.  It's a great read, and we recommend it.  

The Four Things That Matter Most ©2004 Ira Byock  Free Press

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