Sunday, August 17, 2008

Open Vs Closed

Here's an anecdote from the world of positive spin that has applications for all of us: how to use different phrases & verbiage to change perceptions, and to alter people's understanding of the possible. At Disneyland, if you ask "what time does the park close?", you'll get this answer from one Mickey's well-trained Disney-preneurs: "Disneyland is open till 9 o'clock tonight!"
See the difference? We're yet to become Disney workers, but when we do we'll learn all manner of techniques to put things in as positive a light as possible. Think of all the suggestions, comments, ads, anecdotes, asides, responses and suggestions you receive every day. How many of them concentrate on what's wrong with something as opposed to what could be just different, or interesting, or even better than what you expected? As we used to say on the Island, "no rain, no rainbows." Are we a couple of Pollyannas? Perhaps. But as we said, the above story simply illustrates the possible. No perverse contortion of truth, no devious 'spin'. Just a simple fact. The park is open till 9. But a whole different feel for what's important. Too bad we have to be conscious of the need. We'll work on it.

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