Sunday, September 7, 2008

Imagine Exotic Travels With Your Best Friend

Traveling is fun, it's even better when you're with your best friend. We've been to every corner of the nation and many places in-between. Some of our greatest adventures were on the island of Kauai. The picture was taken before we got lost in the jungle (cool story, be sure to have us tell you about it sometime). The Na Pali Coast is a stunning place to hike and kayak. We'd love to show you some of the off-the-beaten track spots on Kauai such as Hamura's as well as the world famous Roy's. Plan to join us in the spring of 2010.
Spring 2010 Caffection Seminar

Want more out of your relationship... more romance, more fun, more energy and enjoyment? Travel with us to the Lush, exotic Hawaiian Garden Island of Kauai!

Exotic Extravaganza Exclusively for Married Best Friends
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Meet other Caffected Couples
A Romantic Getaway with Your Best Friend
Enrich Your Caffection With the MTMBF Team

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