Thursday, September 4, 2008

River Run

We've referred more than once in this blog to an old Native American saying: "Don't push the river; it flows all by itself". Recently we read a corollary to this truism: "Sometimes there's just no way to hold the river back". These two quotes have figured prominently in our lives the past few days. Things have come together. We've come to understand that all we really need to do is get out of the way, and allow them to happen. When we most needed a web designer, she magically appeared; we needed a source for a certain product, and along came a source; we put out feelers for a graphic designer, and it turned out there was one practically next door. Ask and you shall receive; what you focus on expands. We're asking you, our readers to submit your own providential stories, events or convergences that prove this theory; that the way we think and believe determines the course of not only the river, but of our lives as well.

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