Sunday, September 21, 2008

marriage rituals

Just when we thought perhaps we were the only caffected couple that indulges in marriage rituals, we met a young woman on the flight home from Chicago. We don't have her name, and wouldn't use it in any case, but she lives here in Columbus, her spouse is a physician, (she's an attorney on self-imposed leave for her two young kids), and the couple is definitely caffected. Here's one of their rituals. He brings her flowers every Friday so she'll have them through the weekend. Another, they've decided that since the baby is now 6 months they will hire a sitter every other Saturday evening and go on an old fashioned date. But here's the one we enjoyed most. They refer to each other as LOML's roughly, 'Lomels', meaning Love Of My Life. It gets better. When people ask where they live, they say Lomalia. And better yet: the kids? They're referred to as their two little Lomelettes. It sounds nutty, and a bit cutesy in this crusty, world-weary society, but we think it's very sweet, and it's exactly the kind of behavior we need more of.
So the two Lomalians on the East side of Columbus, we salute you, and the flag of the highly caffected state of Lomalia! Thanks for the story, and congratulations.

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