Monday, September 22, 2008


Here's an interesting scenario we heard discussed recently on a way of looking at things that tells a lot about how we think, and the choices we make. Take two people--one has packed a picnic lunch, a second has just planted a garden, and place them in front of a window. Looking out the window it's obvious the rain has started, and is now falling in sheets. The picnic person says, "darn it all, I was going to picnic today and enjoy myself." The garden planter says, "great, the rain arrived just in time!"
Here's the message, besides the obvious one--the rain doesn't care. It just is. The decision we make on how we react to it is entirely ours to make. It's all perspective. Think about your circle of friends and acquaintances. Who would be a picnic person, and who would be a gardener? Which one are you? And even better: who said we can't picnic in the rain?

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