Tuesday, September 23, 2008

October in Chicago

Okay, a little diversion here from the usual caffection blog, and couples-only reading. Here's to my Cubs who are headed to the playoffs! Yes, there is an October in Chicago after all. And it's time. Unless you've been hiding out with Bin Laden and his colleagues, you know it's been exactly 100 years (yes, a century) since Chicago's National League Baseball club took home a world series triumph. Sixty-two years since the Cubs appeared in a series at all. But hey, every team needs to rebuild, right?
So go Cubs, and here's the even better part: historically, with very few exceptions, when the National League wins the series, a Democrat wins the White House, when the American League wins/Republicans take it all--'52 & '56, Ike & the Yankees--'60, Kennedy & the Pirates--'64, LBJ & the Cardinals--'68, Nixon & the Tigers--'72, Nixon & Oakland--'76, Carter & the Cincinnati Reds--etc. etc.
So, go Cubs, and let's get out the vote come November. Is this a great country or what?

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