Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Autumn Caffection

Here are a few ways to celebrate your caffection this autumn.  The couple pictured here is engaged in what could be the earliest, simplest form of establishing an enduring memory together.  Part of being caffected is to allow the kid in you to emerge, release your inhibitions, and chase each other through the leaves.  Follow that up with hot cider, garnished with a stick of vanilla.  Then, fix a fire for the first time this season, curl up with a good book--we recommend one we've reviewed previously--and just read to each other.  There are few things in life more intimate than reading to your mate.  Again, let the kid in you come out and play.  One of our earliest childhood memories is having a parent or guardian read to us at bedtime.  There's something satisfying in a really primitive way in being read to.  Finally, fix a late dinner together.  Make it special; wine and candlelight in the middle of the week is sexy, romantic and unexpectedly affirming.  So kick the leaves, put cider in the crock pot, find a good book, and spend a warm early fall evening just enjoying each other.  You're worth it. 

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