Thursday, October 9, 2008

Smooth Sailing

We wish everyone could have the experience we had in Hawaii of belonging to an ocean paddling club. It's one thing to travel to Oahu as a tourist, pay big dollars for a short ride in an outrigger at Waikiki, and tell your friends about it later. It's quite another thing to belong to a club that meets once a week during the racing season, and participate in the Hawaiian State sport. One is fun, exotic, relaxing, and easy. The other, the club and its demands, is hard work, challenging, invigorating and satisfying long term. A Caffected relationship is like that. There are couples who visit their marriage, pay what it takes, have a casual attitude about it, and have fun while it lasts. Belonging to your marriage is so much more gratifying, because of the commitment, focus, working through challenges, and building a strong team. And the ultimate reward of all that paddling and concentration is that when a wave threatens to swamp your boat, you get a 'bump' instead. That can only lead to smooth sailing. Got Caffection?

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