Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bonding Relationship = Caffection!

As we've said before rituals and affirmations bond a relationship like no other. Rituals can be simple: searching the internet together [for fun, interactive couples websites; such as Caffection.com] or cooking together [a couples story -- "She cooks the meal, I do the clean up. We both hang out in the kitchen together the whole time enjoying each others' company!"], or bundling up and taking a walk together. Rituals can be done even when you're apart, our ritual of Journaling Across The Sheets was initially mailed back & forth while working in separate cities. Separate, yet, inseparable. When people think of Mariah, they immediately think of Byron. So we've become MariahByron in their minds. And the two shall be as one.
Caffected couples need to stand together. Announce marriage is alive and well. And it is OPEN to EVERYONE who's willing to do the hard work commitment requires.
What is marriage? It's love. It's support. It's energy. It's the union of two. Two people who love and commit to each other, dedicate their lives to one another and are willing to publicly say; "We are married and we're proud of it."

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