Monday, November 3, 2008

Caffection Top 10 List

Top 10 lists are very popular with such lists popping up everywhere: top 10 ways to tell your dog has fleas; top 10 names for a pet Gerbil; top 10 excuses for not attending a friend's bachelor party, you name it. Today we're starting a new item on the Caffection blog: top 10 ways to show your mate they're your best pal. So, without further ado: 10) Hold the door for them. 9) Say I 'like' you. 8) When they say I love you, say thanks! 7) Tell them you appreciate how they take care of themselves. 6) Send them a card--3 days running. 5) Call a mutual friend, and brag about your mate. 4) Have their car detailed. 3) Bring home their favorite junk food. 2) Meet them at the door with their slippers and a glass of wine. And, drum roll, please, 1) When they've had a tough day, just listen.
Caffection is just another word for Married Friendship.

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