Saturday, November 1, 2008

Celebrate The Art of Marriage

How do you mean? Marriage an Art. Yes, an art form to be enjoyed by all who partake. One that may require a bit of sophistication to acquire. One that’s not for the light-hearted, requiring a bit of finesse to negotiate some of the twists and turns. One that if, perfected by smoothing; as a potter works the spinning clay (picture the scene in get the idea), will form into a beautiful piece created by the loving hands that nurtured it to life. One that you can be proud to be a part of. Imagine dining out and having others notice, actually comment on, your obvious Caffection! How do we show our support of this newest of THE ARTS: The Art of Caffected Marriages? Let’s start by finding the good and praising it. Bob & Bobbie Novak sent us an inspiring link to this positive blog. We’re confident more couples are happily married than not, so let’s spread the good news. Caffection is alive and well & we want to talk about it. Send us links to other positive sites/blogs that you know of.

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Anonymous said...

Performance art at it's best everyday!!