Friday, January 9, 2009


Remember the OJ Simpson trial? Those who do still shake their heads in disbelief that OJ walked, and we were not the least surprised how his life has sunk into further depravity & senseless behavior since that time 14 years ago. Johnny Cochran? Dead a year ago. Robert Kardashian? Dead of cancer at 59. Karma? Who knows. But those who attempted to convict OJ have done wonderfully well. There's a tide in the affairs of men that rules over all. People may seem to escape the power of this universal force for a time, but it eventually exacts payment, good and bad. At Caffection, we understand one aspect of this universal force, and we address it in our seminars: what you focus on expands. It's simple physics: save for a rainy day, get a rainy day; save for a joyful day, get a joyful day; expect obstacles, encounter obstacles; expect opportunities, see opportunites. What we identify with will be our fate.

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