Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happily Ever After -- Caffected!

has the goal of providing affirmation and resources for happily "Caffected" couples.
But to believe the childhood nursery rhyme and fairy tale promises, "and they lived happily ever after" can occur spontaneously is as much of a myth as the tales themselves. We know when you go the extra mile in your relationship, you're rewarded tenfold. Affirming each other in some way every single day will help you realize the 'happily ever after' goal. And what a grand goal creating a fantastic marriage is. One that everyone should have, as our friends at Marriage Equality and Freedom to Marry understand. Everyone should have a love like this.
Even though we've not been 'discovered' by Wikipedia (and anyone out there who's so inclined, feel free to let the wiki's know about us), recent Google searches reveal there are 12,700,000 links for married friendship. Good news for marriage!
We're excited to report there is a new resource page in progress for the website. One that will provide additional links for couples who will be changing their status to married! That day will be a time for all married best friends to celebrate.

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