Sunday, February 15, 2009

Are We Non-Standard?

Is different wrong? Our society often treats 'different' as unacceptable,bad or even immoral. But why? Could it be we were raised differently? Have we really taken the time to understand other view-points?
Recently we've had cause to evaluate what we consider the 'norm' or standard. A friend explained their daughter's word; "Non-Standard." Exactly. We're all non-standard in some way, and our non-standard, is another person's standard. The key is to learn from one another, to take the opportunity to understand before we judge. Many people share the same values we do, though they may not look like we do, wear what we wear, live where we live or have the same spiritual upbringing. They may not eat the foods we do, speak the same language or drive on the same side of the road, yet they live by the same guiding principles.
Caffection is like that. Being nice doesn't cost anything. It's FREE! So make being kind your default mode. Affirm each other everyday, sneak a note into your lovers' lunch bag, do the laundry -- even if it's not your turn. Find ways to make your caffection FUN. A positive, sexy, fun marriage is a choice. Decide today to make it your reality.
p.s. tuck the kiddos in bed, grab your caffected other (aka Best Friend) and see what marriage can be. ENJOY.

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