Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Financial Challenges in Tough Times


Many people are facing financial challenges at this time. The brutal winds which have shuttered numerous corporations and small businesses affect all of us. Being down-sized, having benefits cut or losing a home or business can stress any relationship, no matter how strong. Caffected couples aren't immune.
We're facing a significant unexpected expense that has caused some sleepless nights and juggling of numbers. It's also caused us to prioritize and cut back on non-necessities. Since we know others are facing such uncertainty, we've decided to share tips we've heard from Caffected couples across the nation on ways to hunker down, fight the financial storm and bond together.

* Be as transparent as possible, bad news usually doesn't get better by hiding it
*Go to each other, not outsiders, with concerns
*Acknowledge your successes, sandwich your discussions Good/bad/Good
*Remember you ARE on the same side, if tension mounts...take a break
*ACK (always choose kind), see above
*Focus on options, if you're sinking financially, consider professional guidance
*Pamper each other to relieve stress, a bath with candles & music or a massage (with no sexual strings attached) will go a very long way in saying, "I Love You"
*Listen & ask for clarification if you don't understand, being heard is important
*Be compassionate, lean on each other for strength
*Hold hands
*Take a walk
*Touch each other
*Write a note telling your lover what you appreciate about them
*Share a mutual dream..."When we get through this tough time, we'll go to Paris!"

It's what we do with and to each other during the storm that will determine our outcome on the other side of it. Love fully, smile as often as you can, know your love can and will endure this difficult time. Most of all be proud of the wonderful relationship the two of you have created. We're glad you're Caffected and we're proud of you!

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