Saturday, September 19, 2009

Create Intimacy in Your Relationship

Being best friends with your mate can be one of the most rewarding relationships possible. Whether your relationship is brand new, or ages old, there's always room for growth to keep the love fire burning. Intimacy is an important part of all long term love affairs. However we're not talking about sexual intimacy here, though that's an important part of life. This intimacy comes from creating a 'secret' relationship that only the two of you share. Sideways glances across a room just to catch the others' eye, and a grin of knowing you belong to each other. A pat on shoulder, brushing against the other, or a peck on the cheek without any sexual requirement tied to it can build a stronger bond between you. Complimenting each other when you're out lets friends witness the great relationship you have, while encouraging them to do the same. You'll be surprised how other couples will want to be in your company, being positive is contagious.

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