Sunday, January 18, 2009

Living the vision

We're people who choose to be positive. Make no mistake, it is a choice, as is choosing to be kind. Today we had the opportunity to be both. A friend wrote to let us know our names appeared on a list against civil rights. What a shock to see us listed as INequality supporters.
Our response:
1) Disbelief
2) Amazement
3) Gratitude
We certainly hope we're not inaccurately listed elsewhere. If you find our names listed as supporters of inequality, please let us know straight away.
We're amazed that someone would go to the effort of putting our names on this list. We're grateful to Heather for finding it and calling our attention to it.
And now for the kind part.
Wayne Dyer teaches, when you have a choice of being right or being kind, Always Choose Kind. We commonly refer to this as ACK. We've been known to look at each other and say "ACK" when we know the other is ready to launch a negative response. This is our trigger to stop & choose kindness, to find the positive in a potentially negative situation.
The vision we have is crystal clear: Caffection, everyone should be married to their best friend. It's a vision of compassion, kindness, love, understanding and EQUALITY.

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