Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stay Positive

Many people live in a zero sum world. It's too bad, really, considering the abundance all around us. But many persist in seeing the world as an I win you lose kind of place. It's difficult to find a balance sometimes, especially when you're a couple of dreamers like us, to remember that there are people out there who take every advantage. But we choose to believe they're in the minority, and that most people at least have the initial impulse to be generous, and open to new things. I guess we live in what might be called a sum-plus world, where there's room, and advantage, and enough for everyone. Radical idea, but it works for us. We look at some of our family and friends and we see people who live in fear and anxiety that their lives are in constant danger of disruption and loss. And guess what? Each and every one of them constant danger of disruption and loss! Coincidence? We don't think so. Here's what we believe. The fuzzy old adage that the more you give the more you true!

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